A tale of smart luxury, city gardens and busy bees

Less is more. Particularly when the “less” is so exclusive. Unobtrusive, clean, cool und close to the city – well, that encapsulates the ambience of Hotel Daniel Vienna. Dedicated to smart travellers, young design aficionados and city-loving individualists.    

There’s much to see in Vienna. And yet, in addition to prime attractions such as the Tiergarten Schönbrunn – the Vienna Zoo, Schönbrunn Palace, the Prater or St. Stephen’s cathedral, above all it’s the little things which endure in the memory. We don’t want our guests to be astounded solely by the sights outside the hotel. That’s why we’ve taken special care with our offers. All this starts with our location. For us, Schloss Belvedere is simply our next-door neighbour. We let boats hang down from the roof, are a home to bees and can even ship you into a trailer for a good night’s sleep – if that’s what you want!


Vienna is beautiful

Vienna is always worth a visit. From our hotel in the Third District you can walk straight to the U1 line of the subway system. From the station you can also go straight to the centre, to the Stephansplatz, the Kärntnerstraße and of course, by changing lines, to all the other major sights of the Austrian capital. If you’d prefer to explore the city on foot or on the back of a bike, then you’re best advised to head towards Belvedere Park or to Schwedenplatz, where you can enjoy the best ice-cream in Vienna. And for 1 Euro we’ll also issue you with our practical Cityflip companion: it fits into your trouser pocket and always provides you with a new, thrilling insider tip.


Smart service

When you reserve a room with us what you also sign up for is a very special, urban attitude to life. We call it “smart luxury”. Because we know that a city hotel needs an open lifestyle which doesn’t restrict your freedom. Rather than imposing anything on you we want to offer you good vibrations. And we have plenty to offer you: 116 modern rooms and a trailer in the garden. Conceived for all those who appreciate Kerouac’s “On the Road” feeling when they sleep, yet who still don’t wish to miss out on comfort and life’s little luxuries.


Morning glory

Our breakfasts are right up there with the very best in all Vienna, apparently. We’ve heard this from quite a few of our guests, so we’d like to get the message out to you all. The fact is, our bakery is a hive of activity. Your taste may run from the sweet to the savoury, from the hearty to the exotic: we’ve covered all bases and tastes. And we’re always pleased if you want second helpings.


Urban luxury

Busy as bees? No, that’s not just the chefs at the Daniel. That’s also the real deal: the Daniel bees. And yes, you heard us right first time around. Our roof is home to real busy bees that supply us with the best honey around. Often, we turn these into “Bee Stings” – not the real ones, of course, but their sweet namesakes (Bienenstiche) from our bakery. Incidentally those with a fancy for the fruity are also well catered for: we’ve recently discovered our passion for “urban gardening”. Fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly harvested on the 7th floor. Now you really can’t get much greener than that.


Come on, come on

So the next time you’re in Vienna then why not drop by our hotel? Simply arrive on a whim or with an advance booking. We always look forward to seeing you – and your children and pets, of course. After all, the more people the merrier. That’s what brightens up life. For all of us.

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